As with any application process, helping ensure the highest number of candidates complete the assessment is key to ensuring you get to the best talent quickly.

This can be affected by supply, or by people not making it to the end of the assessment process. People who don't make this leap from audience to candidate can be split into two key areas:

Leakage is when a candidate receives an email invite or sees the link to start FirstInterview in the application but does not start the assessment.

Dropout is when a candidate visits FirstInterview, registers and starts, but does not complete the assessment.

Why do they matter?

It matters to know these stats because you can better forecast your pipeline and put proactive strategies in place to maximise conversion.

How can we both manage them?

We manage Leakage by managing the expectations of candidates early in the application process, by informing them upfront to expect an assessment, what that assessment looks like, how long it will take etc. It's important for you as recruiters to ensure that every candidate who starts an application knows what the application process will include, and to educate them on how it will work. You can do that on your careers website, in your email communications, or on your job listings. We are always happy to help with this - just reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you'd like some assistance.

We manage Dropout by using product features like automatic email reminders for candidates who have started but not submitted, and by reporting on dropout numbers to you in our DiscoverInsights report, so that we can actively manage it if it increases.

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