Our privacy policy needs to cover all regions because we work with companies all over the world.

Your data will reside on the server that is most relevant to your application; either in Ireland, Australia or the USA. It is not shared on servers outside your region. If you were applying to a company based in the EU, the US, or APAC, your data would be stored on the respective local server. This is done to comply with legislation and ultimately protect you.

In another example, a PredictiveHire employee based in the UK can access the data an Australian-based candidate provides. The data is still stored in Sydney and that employee must comply with the local data privacy legislation. As a company ultimately based in Australia, we have ‘binding corporate agreements’ in place to ensure any data stored complies with all local requirements.

I hope this information helps explain why our privacy policy needs to cover all regions but also provide reassurance that your data is stored in your region.

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