One of the questions we get asked by customers is 'how can candidates game PredictiveHire?'. The answer is, it's very difficult. Candidates' really just need to be themselves and project their true traits and personalities. We're not a game that can be won in just one way, or a technology looking just for simple keyword matches.

However, it is possible that candidates might copy answers from other candidates, and so we've included a plagiarism detector, which will flag to you as recruiters when a candidate has done this.

We've also included a profanity detector, which will flag if a candidate has used one of a number of common swear words.

For each of these detectors, the flag is simply that - a flag. You'll see it next to a candidate's result like this:

But, we don't mark the candidate down. We leave it up to you to decide whether to progress the candidate - but at least you have the information available to make a decision.

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