Setting up your LiveInterview event

Where it is face to face or via video conference, LiveInterview can be used to connect, assess and calibrate applicants.

First step is to setup your LiveInterview event, with 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Create the event

Select the + button in LiveInterview and complete the details of your event.

Select your Assessment Plan and click ‘Create LiveInterview’.

TIP: The vacancy you select is directly linked to your FirstInterview vacancies in Edge and will provide all applicants from that vacancy for the LiveInterview event.

Step 2: Add participants & assessors

First navigate to participants and select the + button. Then select the participants you want to include from the vacancy in the LiveInterview event.

Then navigate to assessors and select the + button. Then select the assessors you would like to include in the LiveInterview event.

Step 3: Assign assessors to participants

Navigate to participants and using the drop down, allow an assessor(s) to a participant. You are now ready to commence a LiveInterview!

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