What is FirstInterview by PredictiveHire?

FirstInterview is a text-based interview and assessment which allows prospective employers to interview every applicant who applies for a role.

Every candidate is assessed on the same set of attributes derived from their responses and nothing else. No sensitive characteristic such as gender, age and race are used in our AI. Use of data means we can measure for adverse impact, which is impossible with human decisions.

After completing the FirstInteview you will receive a free personality profile and coaching tip, based on your responses. This is for your eyes only and not shared with your prospective employer.

How do I complete FirstInterview?

You will receive a link from your prospective employer via email. By clicking this link, you are taking through the FirstInterview assessment. You will need to enter your details (including name and email) and agree to the privacy statement to continue.

FirstInterview can be completed on a compatible smartphone (including Android and Apple iOS), tablets, and personal computers.

You will need to be utilising an up-to-date web browser. FirstInterview supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. PredictiveHire recommends Google Chrome for the best user experience.

Tips to completing a successful FirstInterview.

1. Find a quiet space where you won’t be distracted. You should allow between 20- 30 minutes to complete your FirstInterview.

2. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and your phone, tablet, laptop or computer has enough battery charge.

3. You should aim for your responses to be between 50 and 100 words per question asked. You are limited to 150 words in each of your responses.

4. Be sure to check your spelling and grammar. It's easy to make typo's so reviewing your responses to each question before submitting is important.

5. Draw upon your personal and professional experiences when providing examples in your responses. These don’t need to be work experiences. They can be from school, family, friendships, or hobbies also.

6. Take your time. FirstInterview is not timed and you are not penalized on how long you take.

7. Most importantly, be yourself. Be sure to show your personality and who you are in your responses.

For more info and help for Applicants, check out our Candidate Page:

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