Your personality insights and coaching tips are generated based on a personality profile derived using the responses provided to the PredictiveHire FirstInterview (Fi).

To create the personality profile we use linguistic analysis and machine learning methods to infer HEXACO personality traits, namely:  







HEXACO is a six trait model of personality presented as an alternative model to the popular Big Five personality model.

Insights and Coaching Tips

The percentile scores on each of the six personality dimensions are used as input to find a descriptor that explains the likely behaviour of a candidate. For example someone with a very high Extraversion score may receive a description such as:

"You are likely a positive, confident and enthusiastic person. You enjoy being part of a group or team and look forward to social gatherings. People see you as consistently upbeat, talkative and energetic."

compared to someone with a very low  Extraversion score:

"Others see you as reserved and private. It takes a while to really get to know you. Once invited into your world you are a loyal friend and colleague. You may be a reluctant participant in social events at work and you prefer to keep your private life separate from your work life. This may hinder your ability to be fast to productivity at work if that work requires a fair amount of teaming and collaboration."

The coaching tips are based on the highest scoring trait and a bank of coaching tips created by our career counselors.

Testing and feedback

Controlled and rigorous testing has been completed of the MyInsights personality profile against 3000 applicants with 87% of respondents agreeing with most or all of the profile.

We are always looking for improve how our profiles are generated and their efficacy, so if you have feedback about your report, please contact us at support@predictivehire.com

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