PredictiveHire uses between 40-60 different data points that go into the development of the prediction, and a number of those focus on the communication skills of an application. 

At a high level these are the measures we consider in assessing communication skills:

  • Readability

  • Grammar Errors

  • Spelling errors

  • Sentence length

  • Diversity of vocabulary

  • Language sophistication (i.e. use of difficult words, language formality, critical thinking)

  • Use of parts of speech (how many verbs/nouns/pronouns etc used) 

We also incorporate a number of internationally renowned tests and methods as part of this analysis, which include the Flesch-Kinkaid grade test, Coleman Liau Index, and SMOG index, amongst others. 

You can find a more technical explanation of more of our Machine Learning methods here.

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