When I click on the TalentInsights lightbulb I receive a message saying it is not available?

It takes 5 minutes for candidate insights to generate after candidates have completed their FirstInterview. Wait a few minutes and try again.

Why do some candidates rate high on the traits, but receive a low score?

These traits are not the only consideration, our model looks at language fluency, personality, text alignment to high-performance recruits. Traits are only a portion of how we evaluate the suitability of a candidate.

How do I best use my TalentInsights?

TalentInsights are best used when considering your shortlist. You can compare the differences of your candidate pool at a glance, helping you make an informed decision about who you take to interview. Additionally, TalentInsights are a great tool to use when deciding on which interview questions to ask – delve deeper into a candidate’s traits and personality.

Why do the rankings not always add up?

Rankings on candidates may show slight deviations from actual counts as TalentInsight reports are processed on a daily basis, not in real-time – which means there can be a slight variation to the numbers.

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