PredictiveHire Ai (Phai) identifies a match between the candidate and your ideal profile using AI machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) technology.

TalentInsights enables you to dive deeper into each candidate, to better understand why they've been recommended (or not), to learn more about who they are and how they compare to other candidates.

Every candidate that completes a FirstInterview has a unique TalentInsights profile, giving you insight into four main areas:

  • how the candidate scores on the traits that contribute to the ideal profile for this role

  • their communication skills

  • a snapshot of their personality

  • how they've scored compared to other candidates in the pool, and market for this role type.

You can use TalentInsights most effectively in two ways.

To assist with shortlisting

While we give you a ranked shortlist based on scores, you still might not be able to interview everyone and need more information to compare candidates on. You can use the TalentInsights profiles to dive deeper and compare candidates, helping you to decide who to progress with based on the insight you gain from their profile. Knowing how a candidate compares to everyone else in the pool ensures you make the best decision for your organisation.

To prepare for next stage interviews

Think of TalentInsights as a cheat sheet that recruiters or hiring managers can use to gain an insight into each candidate before you talk to them, giving you a head start. We've also included recommended interview questions that are personalised to the candidate, making your life much easier.

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