It’s fair that all applicants go through the same process, and sometimes candidates miss emails or just forget to finish their interview.

For those applicants that haven’t completed their assessment we recommend you send them a reminder, at 2 and 4 days after first receiving the link to start their FirstInterview. You can either use the link on your vacancy page or re-send your custom-branded URL.

You can use this as a template for the email:

Subject: Reminder to complete your FirstInterview with [company name]

Hello [candidate first name],

We noticed that you haven’t started your first interview with us and we’d love for you to have a go so we can get to know you better and progress your application.

There’s still time to complete so find a quiet spot, grab a drink and get started by clicking on the link below:

[Insert link to PH interview]

Once complete, our Recruitment Team will be in touch to let you know if you have been successful in getting through to the next stage.

We hope this will be the start of something great!

Good luck,

The Recruitment Team at [company name].

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