Updating the status of an applicant is super important for three reasons.

  1. It helps you manage your shortlist so you know who's been reviewed, who's been short or longlisted, who has been declined, and who has been hired.

  2. If you use LiveInterview to streamline your interview process, the status of a candidate who is being interviewed will show in LiveInterview.

  3. This status tells PredictiveHire whether or not the candidates are the right type of people to recommend for your role. The more signals we get for who is and isn't a match, the more accurate the predictions become. Think of it a little bit like Netflix - the more you put in, the better the recommendations get.

How you can use the statuses:

NEW: This is someone you haven't reviewed yet  
LONGLIST: Candidates you have phone screened  
SHORTLIST: Candidates you are bringing in to interview  
HIRED: This person is offered the job  
DECLINED: This person does not have the ability to do the job  
N/A: This candidate is ineligible (e.g. wrong type of visa, cannot work required hours)

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