Top performers in your business have a unique ‘fingerprint’. We use predictive technology to find the combination of factors driving the highest-performing employees in the roles that you are hiring for. We then create a DNA profile of your best performers and compare candidate responses to the 'fingerprint' of the top performers. 

So when your candidates respond to the interview, PredictiveHire analyses their answers and generates a Prediction of success in the role, which is shown as a score between 0-100, and a corresponding Yes/Maybe/No recommendation.

You can use this recommendation to help you shortlist your candidates, focusing on the highest-scoring first - as they're more highly correlated to the top performers in your business, and so are more likely to succeed in the role. 

Depending on the quality of your applicant pool and your hiring targets, we move the thresholds for each segment around to ensure that we are optimising for efficiency and hiring targets. 

Any changes to the thresholds are invisible to you - they happen within our platform without disrupting your workflow.

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