PredictiveHire works best in high-volume, front line roles. We specialise in Sales, Call Centre, Customer Service, Retail, Hospitality, Graduates, Blue Collar, Cabin Crew, Nurses and Carers. If you want a custom model built to fit your organisation we can do that if you have a minimum of 200 people in the role to benchmark from. 

AI is able to identify complex, sometime unintuitive patterns. We typically see the best results where there is need to identify skills or abilities that are “intangible” i.e. skills that are not easy distill into qualifications, or boiled down into a line item on a CV or resume. 

For example, having a PhD in rocket science probably means you’ll be an okay rocket scientist... but how can from someone’s CV if they are more consciousness or more hardworking? You can’t. 

Similarly, the skills, personality traits or behaviours required to deliver outstanding customer service or be a good salesperson can be quite hard to test and verify, particularly when each situation or environment is unique. 

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