When recruiters receive applications, they needs some method of sorting and filtering the applications they receive. Typically this might involve reviewing a CV for keywords or asking a couple of killer questions as part of an online application. Both of these approaches are not very good at getting at things that really matter whether someone will do well at their job or not, the intangibles: For example, How can from someone’s CV if they are more consciousness or more hardworking? You can’t. 

Screening is highly subjective, down to a recruiters personal instincts and biases.The process is not based on data, evidence and is not predictive. As a result many good candidates are often overlooked, and many poor candidates end up being set up for failure if they get the role. PredictiveHire uses behavioural science and artificial intelligence to give organisations x-ray vision or superpowers when shortlisting from a candidate pool. Employers can gain insight into candidates which are more likely to stay, flourish and thrive, minimising the danger of unconscious bias and ensuring a better quality of hire.

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